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The City of Oberammergau

Oberammergau is known worldwide for many reasons: e.g. its charming landscape, the breathtaking Passion Play, the culture tradition, the craftsmanship of the local woodcarvers, the peaceful surroundings and last but not least its great hospitality.

Regardless if you come during summer or winter time, spring or autumn you will fall in love with this city, which rest in a little valley surrounded by mountains. Vacationer are looking for skiing, hiking, shopping, relaxing and many more – all of them will come back once they have stayed here.

St. Lukas Apartments is a perfect location to start all your excursions. You can park your car in front of your apartment and can walk by foot to the city center within minutes. Or you take your car and exit Oberammergau within less than 2 mins and you can head your way to the next destination, which you like to explore.

Oberammergau is offering a wide range of to dos – and its surrounding even more. Further information will be provided by the tourist information online platform
If you like to have some information upfront – either contact us directly and we will be happy to provide that as good as we can. Otherwise just use the *brochure order* request bottom on the above mentioned website and you will get it all.

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